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muses on typography and graphic design, with a focus on printing and book design. It’s a visual diary on what I encounter: ranging from housenumbers, vernacular type and lettering to vieux papier & more. The stuff on this blog has somehow caught my interest, not paying too much attention on what is hot today: there are many fine blogs that keep you tuned to that.

A lot of what I show has to do with what printed matter looked like when I was a young boy. Type and imagery that formed my taste and eye before I was consciously dealing with visual language. Two colour printing, manual colour separation, print that reveals its making process. — Enjoy!

Peter De Roy

* this blog takes pride in showing only original images. If I did not make wat’s depicted, I at least photographed the subject myself. This is not a recycled relinked reference site. So please respect copyright. If you ‘quote’ images on another site, refer to this blog. If you want to use some images for any purpose, please contact me. I am known as calm and friendly.

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